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Below you will find reviews from our customers. If you've place and order with us, we hope you can see the difference in quality and feel the love and care we put into packaging your items.

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    Ashley is an amazing resource. She listened to what my needs/wants were and took the time to understand the intentions I wanted to set with my meditation practice. She asked about my budget and put together a thoughtful package of crystals, complete with some awesome freebies! The packaging was top notch and every piece is absolutely beautiful. I will definitely buy from Ashley again.
    - Katie J., Houston, TX

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    She was a dream to work with. Patiently answering my many questions, and when the things I ordered arrived it was all packaged perfectly - and in perfect condition. I’m ready to shop more and thoroughly enjoyed my experience.
    - Karen E., Greenback, TN

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    I ordered a large septarian egg that I had been after for some time. She was kind, communicative & prompt to ship it out. When I received the package, not only was the beautiful septarian in there, but there were a few other goodies, so meticulously & thoughtfully packaged. Overall, a great experience! Would recommend, 10 out of 10! In fact she sent a coupon as well, that prompted me to go back for more!
    - Jordan G., Traverse City, MI

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    Received a beautiful labradorite ring and 2 free bracelets that are equally as beautiful! Seller has wonderful communication!
    - Danielle N., Knoxville, TN

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    The owner was so amazing at catering to what I was looking for. She gave me an amazing deal and included some of the cutest freebies!. I would definitely recommend her! She also had a variety of materials, sizes and prices to fit what I was looking for. I didn’t have a huge budget, but I was able to get everything I was looking for. I will definitely be shopping with her in the future!
    - Elizabeth L., Martin, TN

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    I just received my beautiful package. You really go above and beyond for packing. It is so beautiful and meaningful to see how much attention to every detail you put to, that is, perfection. And thank you very much for my free gift 🎁💖
    - Patricia L., Henderson, NV
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    Just received my package today from Manifest Crystal Bar and amazing isn't close enough to even describe how great everything was. The crystal selection in the bundle was carefully chosen and all made sense. I even received an amazing bracelet with it. The Crystal tote bags were made from amazing quality and can withstand whatever you decide to store in there. I am grateful for my shipment. I will definitely be shopping here again. Much love!
    - Stanley W., Roper, NC

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    my order arrived well packaged and in perfect condition. love it, thank you!
    - Haley R., Lewiston, ID
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    I’d like to take a moment to appreciate my girl Ashley Guerra at Manifest Crystal Bar Not only does she have beautiful crystals but has by far the nicest packaging out there!
    - Debra S., Havelock, NC
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    I absolutely love her merchandise!
    - Susana M., Houston, TX
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    so happy with my purchase!! the seller shipped quickly and the packaging not only ensured my items arrived safely, but it was super cute!! i also love the hand written note. thank you so much!
    - Kiara V., South Dartmouth, MA
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    Just got my mystery geodes for the shop! Manifest Crystal Bar was so kind and helpful in helping me pick these out ! these were shipped so well! Wrapped so neatly and the goodies that came with are so cute I will definitely be grabbing more from her again !
    - Bella G., Moses Lake, WA
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    Absolutely amazing! The seller was easy going, kind and loved her live show. Amazing quality prices at such a great price, absolutely loved everything I highly recommend this small business.
    - Kaitlynn H., Hogansburg, NY
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    I ordered one item which was a glass straw and I was so worried about it getting here! It came packaged in bubble mailer inside a box and inside another bubble mailer! it got here in great timing and I even got some cute little freebies! she was super easy to talk to and helped me find things I was looking for! This is a great place to find amazing crystals at a decent price! Here is a picture of my order and the freebies and just a show off what all it was wrapped in! If your worried about something coming in damaged you definitely dont need to be!
    - Hailey B., Dyersville, IA
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    Holy crap! I am so happy I found Ashley and Manifest Crystal Bar. It can be hard to find reputable, honest, and fairly priced crystal shops and Ashley embodies these traits. I’m so happy with my order and everything is beautiful.
    - Tori M., Holladay, UT
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    What do I recommend about Manifest Crystal Bar? How about literally all of it! From the owner being super responsive and helpful to the getting my package in record time, all wrapped up in the coolest packaging I’ve ever seen, I will be coming back for another order. Absolutely ten out of five. (And the quality?!?? These crystals are so beautiful!!)
    - Elly L., Ypsilanti, MI
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    Being a small business owner myself I love supporting small businesses. I really love that this one is not only owned by a woman but also someone who turned a true passion into a business. The products where beautifully packaged and felt very personal based on the crystals my family and I loved. I look forward to continuing to support this growing business.
    - Ron R., Houston, TX

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    I have ordered many things from Manifest Crystal Bar and will continue to do so! Lives feel like a community, Crystal are always beautiful, Ashley is always detailed and specific about everything in her shop, wrapping is ALWAYS beautiful and has a witchy/gothic aesthetic in which I love, Ashley is always open to answer to any questions you may have, and everything in her shop is always great quality! Many more orders to come.
    - Elizabeth A., Houston, TX
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    I just received my first order and I'm in love. Everything is so beautiful and Ashley was so sweet and amazing to work with. I'm already working on my next order.
    - Kristi M., Conroe, TX
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    in LOVE with this order! Manifest knocks it out of the park every time & I know I’m always getting high quality items that are packed with love and care!
    - Aubrey A., Houston, TX
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    Highly recommend! Great quality products, super pretty packaging too! love it!
    - Brittany W., Houston, TX
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    Just received my first order and I am so happy with the quality of the items! It’s apparent they put a lot of love in the way they package your products. I highly recommend them and I will definitely be purchasing from them again.
    - Giovanna R., Houston, TX
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    I love Manifest Crystal Bar! Amazing customer service and beautiful crystals!
    - Bella S., Pasadena, CA
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