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Intention Candle Bundle

Intention Candle Bundle

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Intention candle sets are perfect for gift giving or as a cute little addition to your own cleansing ritual.


What's Included:

• Intention chime candle, 4 inches tall in your choice of color. Unscented, dripless and smokeless with approx. 2 hours burn time

• Palo Santo stick, approx. 4 inches long. Premium, authentic and ethically harvested from Peru

• Mini white duck feather, approx. 3-5 inches long

• Dried lavender stick

• Mini selenite stick, approx. 3-4 inches long

• Raw clear quartz crystal (rose quartz pictured)

• This product is made to order to ensure freshness and quality.



Products in this listing are derived from Mother Nature and/or handmade and thus, no two items are identical. Color and patterns will vary. Photos are representative of what you'll receive. 

Use with caution, never leave a burning product unattended.

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