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Mini Steel Tongue Drum Set - Purple

Mini Steel Tongue Drum Set - Purple

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Sound healing induces deep relaxation, lowers blood pressure, and reduces stress. It promotes the production of endorphins, the body's own morphine-like painkillers, and can help control pain and those suffering grief. Drumming and rhythm are powerful tools as they permeate the entire brain.

Not only good for the body, mind and soul; sound healing is good for your crystals! It is another way to cleanse them at anytime, without having to wait for a moon cycle or other means of cleansing. 

Directions for cleansing crystals: Wave the drum around your crystals, striking the notes you feel called to. Let the tone fade out until it stops on its own. Think positive and healing thoughts. Repeat until you feel satisfied. You can also place the drum near your crystals as you play, instead of moving the drum. The vibrations and drum's energy will flow through your crystals, cleansing them of negativity they have absorbed. A bonus for cleansing crystals via this method is you will cleanse yourself as well, because the same frequencies that shift you into a calmer, fresher frame of mind can create a big shift in the potency of your crystals. 



  • Size: 3.8" diameter
  • Color: Purple
  • Material: Steel with high gloss finish
  • Plays 6 notes - 1 | 2 | 3| 5 | 6 | i
  • What's Included: mini tongue drum | mallet | mini booklet with songs | boxed
  • This listing is for ONE drum set
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