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Money Drawing Ritual Oil

Money Drawing Ritual Oil

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Money Drawing Ritual Oil BY HERBAL WITCH GOODS - Unexpected income, financial blessings + success.

This money drawing ritual oil is a must-have for your witches toolbox. This oil is unlike no other, and is extremely potent. This oil is formulated with an array of herbs and charms believed to manifest money into your life.

We are proud to carry items by Herbal Witch Goods. All products are curated during the appropriate days and moon phases that correspond with their intent to enhance their potency. Every step of the process is truly magickal and sacred, ensuring your item is ready to use when it reaches your hands. 

To use, simply envision your intentions as you anoint yourself with oil on the warm spots of your body (wrists, temples, neck, etc.). You can also dress your ritual candles as you set your intentions.



  • Handmade | 15 ml | glass vial
  • This listing is for ONE vial of oil
  • Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs
  • Made in the United States
  • Ingredients:  Carrier oil (blended with vitamin E to ensure longevity), secret blend of herbs believed to manifest money, shredded money, money charm


All products are curio only. No metaphysical guarantees are implied.

As with any new bath or body product, we recommend conducting a small patch test on your skin 24 hours prior to the actual application of the oil.

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