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Moon Water Mist - Full Buck Supermoon 2023

Moon Water Mist - Full Buck Supermoon 2023

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Supercharge your intentions with our blend of moon water collected on the Full Buck Supermoon of 2023 and charged for 3 nights. Infused with genuine amethyst chips, lavender essential oil and the energy of the full moon, this spray is a powerful elixir to use during your daily routine or rituals. 

This super moon was the biggest and brightest of the year, making this batch of moon water super special, and our favorite to collect!

This batch of moon water is limited, and once it's sold out, it's gone until next year!

To use, simply spray it to cleanse the energy of your space while thinking of your intentions, or use it as an aid when practicing magick. You can even use the mist to cleanse your water-safe crystals! 



  • 2 oz glass bottle
  • Collected: July 3-6, 2023
  • Ingredients: distilled water charged under the moonlight, witch hazel, amethyst crystal chips, lavender essential oil


This product is not intended for consumption. Do not ingest.

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