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Palo Santo Stick - Single

Palo Santo Stick - Single

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These sticks are 100% pure Palo Santo wood from South America. Palo Santo is a sacred tree from the citrus family related to Frankincense. It's name means holy wood.

With metaphysical properties similar to that of sage and cedar, this sweet-smelling wood it's believed to clear negative energy and restore tranquility and calm emotions. Burning Palo Santo wood creates an uplifting and pleasant fresh smoke that is believed to work miracles.

To burn, simply light the end of a stick and keep the flame burning for about 30 seconds. Blow out the flame and blow gently to keep the embers smoking. The stick will emit the beautiful fragrant smoke that will leave a lasting scent for several hours.



  • Size: ~ 4" long
  • This listing is for ONE stick
  • Premium, authentic and ethically harvested from Peru


Products in this listing are derived from Mother Nature and no two items are identical. Photos are representative of what you'll receive. 

Please burn with care and never leave an item burning unattended.

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