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Peach Stilbite + Apophyllite Specimen

Peach Stilbite + Apophyllite Specimen

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WOW! That's all that can be said when looking at this stunner of a specimen! This peach stilbite and apophyllite specimen is definitely a collectors piece!

Apophyllite and Stilbite form a powerful and a sacred marriage of Light and are birthed from the womb of unconditional love and truth. Both crystals work to form a bridge of Light between our physical experience and the higher Dimensions of Love.

Apophyllite opens conscious awareness to our Divine connection with Earth, the Angelic Realm and the Spiritual Realms of Truth, while Stilbite brings deep and profound healing to the upper chakras, deconstructing the walls we have built to protect our hearts from breaking. Together these amazing crystals open us to experience the deeper consciousness of Love, expanded awareness and perception and a re-connection with our inner joy!

Please note this particular piece does not have a flat base, and therefore does not stand up on its own and will need to be displayed laying down.



  • Size: 6" long |  5.6" wide | 1850g (over 4 lb.)
  • Chakra: Crown, Third Eye, Throat + Heart
  • Zodiac: Pisces, Aries + Gemini
  • Origin: India
  • You will receive exact item shown


Please note, this is a natural specimen and size, color, shape, and texture may vary.  Natural cracks and/or imperfections may be present and in no way is the product considered damaged or defective.

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